links for inspiration and growth

synthesizers DIY

tutorial on modular synths and DIY synth projects
schematics, layouts and information on synth module DIY
Unusual Synthesizer Circuits
collection of schematics of synth modules
Birth of a Synth.Com
designs from Thomas Henry and others
Electronic Peasant
DIY synth and audio projects
Experimentalists Anonymous
DIY synth forum, data sheets and schematics
electronics forum
Music From Outer Space
schematics and layouts for DIY synth modules, PCBs for sale
Seb's Synth-DIY Pages
DIY synth projects including schematics and layouts
DIY projects and tutorials
free layouts and schematics, PCBs for sale
DIY synth kits for sale
Papareil Synth Labs
schematics of DIY modules, PCBs for sale
Beau Sievers
tutorial on analog sound synthesis
forum, synths blog and archive


huge archive of musicians and their music
Rumpsti Pumsti
a great source for music far away from main stream


Ackergifte? Nein danke!
campaign against utilising synthetic pesticides
Gen-ethisches Netzwerk
critical monitoring of genetic engineering
living utopia
movement for living utopia
Somewhere under the Rainbow
photographer Matjaz Krivic on Rainbow Gatherings